xactimate roofing supplement company


Our introductory level is a great way to try out our roof supplementing, Xactimate insurance estimating and final paperwork services.

This level does not include Retail Proposals or measurements if necessary.

  • 5 Roof Supplements or Insurance tailored estimates per month, so you can sit back and know it’s being handled
  • Member branding on all roof supplement paperwork and estimates, so you always look like the professional you are
  • Access to Member App, so you can quickly submit requests, documentation and photos from the field
  • Account Login, check the status of all supplements & estimates for your company, manage your membership, update payment source, etc.
  • Final Paperwork Preparation, delivered to your email in only minutes (day or night) for ALL your claims!
  • INSTANT Estimates™ Add-On for only $99/month!  A 60% discount on fully customized estimates delivered anytime in SECONDS.