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We understand you & your roofing business... our founder is a Roofer & Public Adjuster

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Busy roofers don’t have time for tedious tasks like creating roof supplements, insurance estimates and preparing final paperwork. Our Founder knows what it takes to grow a successful  roofing company from personal experience. This was the inspiration for Magnolia Estimating and the App based system she created… we’re more than just a roof supplement company.

The Right Fit

We offer a variety of services & packages to support Roofers of all types! 

Time Matters

Our Member App allows requests & documentation to be submitted from the field – fast! 

Hillary Zeh, Founder/CEO

Hillary co-founded and has grown a successful roofing and restoration business in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also an experienced public adjuster and 4th generation contractor.

Getting into roofing was a natural choice. Her father was a homebuilder who focused on operational efficiency. She spent time in her father’s offices in different departments, learning about the daily operations of the business. She learned to appreciate all aspects of the business… even the paperwork. This is ultimately what led her to create this roof supplement company.

She personally supplements and oversees the completion of millions of dollars in roofing and restoration claims annually.

Construction Innovation

Hillary grew up around both the software and construction sides of the contracting world. She fully understands that effective systems keep things running smoothly for an organization.

Her App based system allows for streamlined requests and data collection from the job site. She has a passion to continue her father’s legacy of construction focused innovation.

She looks forward to the future and continuing to develop new services for roofing contractors!


Roof Supplement Company FAQ

Roofers who don’t supplement their insurance roof claims, could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table! Most insurance scopes of work are missing necessary line items and by not supplementing, roofers are shorting themselves or charging their customers unnecessarily. Let our roof supplementing company handle the process for you! 

Many other roof supplement companies take a percentage fee of the approved supplement amount. We don’t feel that’s fair or in the best interest of our clients. We offer flat rate services so that you can supplement ALL your roof claims and be paid fairly. We also understand that a 10-15% supplement fee may be taking a lot larger percentage of your profit than it sounds…. 

Picture this, we supplement for $5,000 of rotten spaced decking that does not meet code. A 12% supplement fee would be an additional $600. If your material and labor for that portion was $3,000 and you paid your project manager/salesperson their portion of commission on the full claim…. That $600 starts looking more like 50% than 12%. 

Our members have account  access through our website to manage their membership, payment methods, order additional roof supplements and/or estimates, check the status of requests, etc. 


In addition to our roof supplement and estimating services, we offer a variety of automated paperwork services for clients. All forms are available through our website and Member App. 

For more details about our Roof Supplement Company Services

Quick link to Roof Supplementing details

All From Your Phone or iPad

  • Requests can be fully submitted through our Member APP
  • Streamlines process from the field – so less work later!
  • Simple Forms & questions to gather all needed information
  • Final Paperwork delivered within 5 minutes of request
  • INSTANT Estimates™ – Roof estimates delivered in SECONDS
  •  Designed for sales teams & use by multiple project managers

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APP Highlights

・Submit Photos & Documents 

・Submit requests from inspections

・Always on hand 

・ Manage your account with us


Quick Access to Request Forms

・Roof Supplement Form

・INSTANT Estimates Request

・Insurance Roof Estimate Request

・Final Paperwork Form

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Roof Supplement Example

Our roof supplement company provides samples of our previous work for you to review. Please follow the link below to download roof supplement examples. 

Office Locations

Roof Supplement Company - Nationwide

Atlanta - Headquarters


North Point Center
555 North Point Center East
Suite 400
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Meetings by Appointment

Austin, TX - Satellite


5900 Balcones Drive
Suite 12540
Austin, Texas 78731

Magnolia Estimating is excited to announce our plans to open additional office locations to better serve our roofing clients in these regions. 

Opening Summer 2023:

Denver, Colorado

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nashville, Tennessee