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We provide FLAT RATE roof supplementing and estimating services. We help roofers by preparing the necessary Xactimate or Symbility roof supplements so that they can be paid the money they are owed without taking any percentage fee.

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Does This Sound Like You?

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Do you feel like… there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

Does it seem… unfair that insurance doesn’t write a fair estimate up front?

Are you frustrated that… other roofing supplement companies offer to “help” but take a large percentage of your hard earned money?

And when it comes down to it, do you…  wish there was an easier way?!

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Download our Supplement Portfolio to see an Xactimate roof supplement example and other previous claims we have supplemented. See what our roofing supplement company can do for you!


Helping Hand

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Without Us

With "Other" Roof Supplementing Services

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With Us

Individual Roof Supplements

No commitment, pay as you go pricing – with the option to upgrade to include siding and interior!

  • Delivered within 3-5 Business Days
  • 2 Revisions as needed 
Symbility & Xactimate

Roof Supplementing Packages

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Our introductory level is a great way to try out our roof supplementing, insurance estimating and final paperwork services. 

  • 5 Roof Supplements or Insurance tailored estimates per month, (Xactimate or Symbility) so you can sit back and know it’s being handled
  • Member branding on all roof supplement paperwork and estimates, so you always look like the professional you are
  • Access to Member App, so you can quickly submit requests, documentation and photos from the field
  • Account logins on website for all team members, manage membership details, use forms to submit requests and keep track of all supplement & estimate requests. 
  • Final Paperwork, delivered to your email in only minutes (day or night) for ALL your claims! 


No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

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For contractors needing roof supplements, insurance tailored roof estimates & final paperwork preparation. Use our system to prepare final paperwork for all your claims – even if we didn’t supplement or estimate the project!

 INCLUDES EVERYTHING IN BRONZE PlusCustomized Retail Roof Proposals, as part of your 10 monthly supplements or estimates 



No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Review our terms of service

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For busy contractors needing roof claim supplements, insurance tailored estimates & final paperwork preparation. Let us handle it all so you don’t have to!

  • If more than 20 roof supplements are needed, you pay only $125/each


No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Review our terms of service


Roof Supplementing Process

This can be done through our Member App, website or email. Any relevant photos or measurement files should also be submitted at this time. 

Our team will recreate the insurance scope of work and begin creating the roof supplement including any  items that were left off. If we have questions or require additional photos or documentation, we will reach out during this period. Our streamlined process is what allows us to provide services at a significantly lower rate than other roof supplementing companies.

We will deliver the fully supplemented Xactimate scope to you within 3-5 business days. It will include detailed arguments and explanations for each item being requested. In more complex situations, we will include a summary report for you. You will be fully prepared to submit the supplement! We have alternative systems for supplementing scopes of work written in other formats as well. 

We have found through years of experience in roof supplementing that insurance adjusters respond faster and in a more collaborative manner to contractors than a third party public adjuster. We brand all documentation, Xactimate roof estimates and final paperwork with your logo and contact information. We are committed to supporting your position as the industry expert with both insurance and your customers.   

We will revise the insurance scope for each claim up to 2 times. This can be necessary after a response is received from insurance or additional items are discovered. Additionally, sometimes the Xactimate price list needs to be updated once all work has been completed.

We provide fully branded paperwork to close out the claim when all work is completed. With our membership model YOU keep all roof supplement money and extra money approved on the claim!

As a benefit of membership you may use our Final Paperwork service for ALL your claims, even non-roof related work with our system. We strive to be much more than just your roofing supplement company!


Hillary Zeh, Founder

Hillary co-founded and has grown a successful roofing and restoration business in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also an experienced public adjuster and 4th generation contractor.  

Getting into roofing was a natural choice. Her father was a homebuilder who focused on operational efficiency. She understands that effective systems keep things running smoothly and learned to appreciate the paperwork
 side of the business. Her App based system allows for streamlined requests and data collection from the job site. 

She personally supplements and oversees the completion of millions of dollars in roofing and restoration claims annually. She is truly a roof supplement specialist.

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Fast Facts

We're here for efficiency NOT to waste your time

You could be losing out on thousands of dollars on a single roof claim! It’s no secret that there is a high turn over rate for insurance adjusters.  Many lack construction experience and even proficiency with the roof estimating software utilized by the industry.  This unfortunately leads to many necessary Xactimate roofing line items being left off the initial scope of work. We view the initial scope of work as an “offer” from the insurance carrier. It’s important that someone with an understanding of Xactimate roof line items looks over the details of the project and the scope of work. As a roofer, it’s important to educate the homeowner as well,  so they understand the roof supplement process that their contractor is working on their behalf in the most professional and ethical manner to ensure that their roof is replaced per code and all necessary items are paid for. For Xactimate roof estimate examples please download our  Roof Supplement Portfolio.

Our roof supplement service not only makes you more money, we SAVE you money! Other roof supplement companies that promise to help, end up taking a large % of your hard earned money. And the option of hiring someone to do these tasks doesn’t compare to our monthly rates. In the Atlanta market, a quality staff member with the training to complete these tasks would cost a roofer $50,000-60,000/annually after taxes and benefits. With Magnolia, you can cost-share this expense with other members.

We ask that our clients submit the necessary roof measurement report of their choice at the time of supplement or estimate request. We do not require full roof measurements for supplements where they are not necessary. We do not want you incurring unnecessary expenses! 

In addition to preparing roof supplements, insurance tailored Xactimate roof estimates and retail proposals… we also provide a Final Paperwork preparation service through our Member App (and website). The paperwork is prepared with your branding, logo and contact information. After submitting the simple form request, you will receive the paperwork within MINUTES. It is fully automated so you can use it anytime! You may use it for ANY claims you need paperwork for, even if they are non roof or we didn’t supplement the claim for you. 

As part of our roof supplementing service we will supplement roof adjacent items such as gutters, downspouts, gutter screens/helmets/guards, fascia, chimney items, etc. At this time we do not include interior or large exterior claims in our standard roof supplementing service. 


A common issue you likely encounter on your Xactimate roof estimate, is the wrong line item being used for the gutters. Many times,  6″ gutters are improperly identified with the Xactimate line item for smaller 5″ gutters. The corresponding downspouts usually need to be corrected during the roof supplementing process. We recommend also paying close attention to gutter screens and gutter guards. There are various quality levels that are represented by different Xactimate line items. During the roof supplementing process we can request that the correct Xactimate roof line items are used on all adjacent items. 

We provide our members an outline of all important items to document and photography during the roof inspection. Our staff will reference this information during the supplementing process where they utilize our comprehensive Xactimate roofing supplement list. For help with your inspection process, visit our blog post: Roof Inspection Photos & Tips

We believe in finding the right supplementing service for you and your business. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. We recommend setting up calls and getting to know the people that you will be interacting with, their systems and processes and their culture. 

If you are a busy roofer who wants to provide quality estimates but doesn’t have the TIME…. INSTANT Estimates™ was quite literally made for you!  We offer this service at a DEEP DISCOUNT if we are handling your roof supplements as well. 

Our roofing supplement company is committed to providing the best services to our clients, this means staying up on all changes and learning to adapt. We have embraced the Corelogic Symbility system and understand the program, how it works and the best way to create roof supplements. Xactimate and CoreLogic Symbility are very different systems in the way that estimates are created, the line items and what is included in each (roofing material and labor), and how they would be updated for supplementing. The goal of supplementing is to get your items adjusted/added as quickly as possible. Time is money for a roofing business owner. We believe best practice is to meet people in a collaborative manner and provide all necessary information and details in a way that makes their job EASIER. Our approach allows us to quickly and easily supplement Corelogic Symbility roof claims with great success! 

roof supplement, xactimate roof example


Download our Supplement Portfolio to see an Xactimate roof supplement example and other previous claims we have supplemented. See what our roofing supplement company can do for you!