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Mini Sessions: April 3rd & 7th

Schedule a no pressure, quick overview call with our Founder & CEO to discuss our roof supplementing, estimating and administrative support services. It’s a great way to get a better understanding of how we can help you free up time, streamline processes and ultimately make more money! You’ll have the opportunity to have all your …

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Roofing Supplement Form

Being Underpaid? Feeling shorted by insurance? Customers not wanting to pay for the additional items? We help Roofers supplement quickly and get paid what you are owed! We don’t take a percentage like the other services. Our founder is both a Roofer and Public Adjuster, so our services are what you actually need! SEE ACTUAL …

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roofing supplement form

Why Are Roof Supplements so Important?

“If you are a contractor completing insurance roof replacements, you need to be prepared to submit a roof supplement request!” For today’s blog post, our CEO and founder Hillary Zeh explains the importance of preparing and submitting roof supplements Many roofing contractors simply don’t have the time, or staff resources, to supplement to insurance for the items that are …

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Roof Inspection Photos & Tips

Today our CEO, Hillary Zeh, will discuss roof inspection photos. They are important at the beginning of the claim process as well as when it’s time to submit any roof supplements and requests. Hillary has years of experience with Georgia roof supplementing as well as providing supplements for other roofing contractors on a national level. …

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