Xactimate & Symbility Estimates Before Insurance Approval

Today we are going to discuss an important service we offer as a roof supplement company. As Symbility & Xactimate roof estimate experts we are sometimes in the position to write the scope of work for the insurance adjuster. For a variety of reasons, adjusters will request that the roofing contractor provide them a detailed roof estimate to either save time or even push the approval process along with supervisors. Although some roofers tend to believe this is regional or limited to specific carriers, we know from experience with our clients throughout the country that this is becoming more and more common practice. We create both Symbility and Xactimate roof replacement estimates tailored for insurance purposes.

When meeting with insurance adjusters and advocating for your homeowners, we want you to feel confident that you can commit to providing a thorough Xactimate or Symbility roof estimate before a scope is written. Our team has years of experience, getting roofs approved with all major carriers in this way. We will utilize the exact roof line items that the adjuster would use themselves. This can greatly speed up the approval process or even CREATE an approval when a denial would have occurred.

As a client with Magnolia, you simply provide the necessary roof inspection photos, details and measurements (unless you are Gold or Platinum, because measurements are always included for those members!). Click the link to learn more about our roof supplementing service that includes the option to have us prepare a Symbility or Xactimate roof estimate before there is a scope.

A note on measurements. We strive to set ourselves apart from other roof supplement companies in many ways. We do NOT require measurements for all roof supplement requests and estimates, we only use them when necessary. For our Gold and Platinum members, Eagleview measurements are included if they are needed! We are truly committed to the success of all our members and don’t want them wasting time and money on unnecessary items…… isn’t that WHY we’re roof supplementing in the first place?!

For more information about our company visit our ABOUT US page

We offer a Portfolio download with our Xactimate roofing estimate example(s) for you to review our supplementing and Xactimate process.

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