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Corelogic Symbility vs Xactimate?

Today we will be discussing Corelogic Symbility and how to create the appropriate roofing supplements. The roofing industry has embraced the use of the Xactimate roofing software program, widely used by most major insurance carriers. The introduction of Corelogic Symbility has created some confusion and frustration for roofing contractors and adjusters.

We are a roof supplement company committed to staying on the forefront of any changes and adapting with the roofing industry to provide the best services to our clients. We are knowledgeable and experienced in creating roof supplements for Corelogic Symbility roof estimates. We have adapted with changing times and utilize the Corelogic Symbility software system to better understand what the insurance adjusters are using on their end. We have access to see all line items, pricing, etc. It is important to understand the difference between Xactimate roof estimates and Corelogic Symbility. There are very distinct differences in the way that the software programs work, how initial estimates are created and ultimately the best way to go about requesting roof supplements and adjustments.

Corelogic Symbility uses the roof diagram to automatically calculate the roofing material items that are then “added” to the roof claim estimate. This works very differently than the Xactimate roof estimating system. The line items are also labeled differently and include different materials and labor allowances for each. The pricing for roofing material and labor are also different as Symbility utilizes Corelogic area pricelists. It is important to understand these differences so that we can identify the appropriate changes and additions be made. For example, there are varying levels of laminated shingle quality and it is important to understand which level to request if you feel the pricing is not appropriate. The line items within Corelogic Symbility also include different items and labor than the line items within Xactimate. Trying to use either system to fill in the gaps of the other is not the best approach. When handling a roof claim written in either system, it is important to understand exactly what is and isn’t included and how to go about requesting that all appropriate items be added.

Submitting a roof supplement request using Xactimate is not an efficient or effective approach, particularly when the entire scope has been recreated. By addressing the specific line items as written with Corelogic Symbility, we are approaching the adjuster in a collaborative manner. Many of the adjusters lack experience with roofing and may not even be familiar with Xactimate roofing estimates in the first place. The main goal when submitting roof supplements is to get the items approved as quickly as possible. Anything that creates more confusion or additional work for the busy adjuster will just slow this process down.

Our collaborative approach with our clients and the insurance process creates opportunities for success. If you have additional questions about Corelogic Symbility and how they differ from Xactimate roofing supplements, please reach out to us via email or set up a time to speak with our CEO, Hillary Zeh.

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