Roof Supplement Service: In the Media

Hillary Zeh

We are excited to share that recently our roof supplement service was highlighted by various media outlets. The introduction of cutting edge technology to provide roof supplement and estimating services is something we think was long overdue. Our Founder knows exactly what is needed to efficiently prepare roof supplements, estimates and final paperwork, from her own personal experience as a roofing contractor in Atlanta, Georgia. What started as an idea to provide roofing supplement services has grown into a broad range of membership service offerings and even INSTANT Estimates™ from an App based technology.  Her unique background and skillset has Magnolia Estimating poised to create even more exciting innovations in the future!

The article was published by the Arizona Republic newspaper and is available to read via their online website AZCentral. This media coverage was particularly special for Hillary who graduated from Arizona State University with honors. Although she returned to Atlanta where she was raised, Arizona will always be a place she holds dear.

For more information about our Roof supplement service, please visit our Roofing Supplement Page

To learn more about our Founder and CEO, Hillary Zeh, stop by our About Us page

To read the full article, published in the Finance section of AZCentral, follow this link

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