INSTANT Estimates™ Roof Estimate App

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Lightning Fast Roof Estimates! 
Delivered in Seconds, not hours or days!

Our roof estimate app delivers fully customized estimates in mere SECONDS! This allows salespeople the ability to provide a professional and detailed roof estimate while still at the inspection or customer appointment. No more verbal estimates or potential for miscommunications after the fact, close more sales with written estimates on the spot! Additional notes and details are documented in the written estimate for reference later on. 

When Time Matters  
Roof leaks don’t wait 

Close more deals when time is truly of the essence! Homeowners with leaks and roof issues want quick resolution and our INSTANT Estimates™ provide the ability to close these homeowners on the spot. Roof damage and leaks may be everyday business to us but they are extremely distressing to many homeowners. Our roof estimate app was created with this in mind and will help you get customers back on the path to normalcy. You will always have our roof estimate app on hand and be able to deliver a roof estimate!

Reduced Overhead Costs  
Save money on back office staff and sales support

Our INSTANT Estimates™ bring a high level of professionalism to your roofing business at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated back office support staff. Our roof estimating app is always available and ready to create your roof estimates, even during evenings & weekends!

Truly Customized  
What sets us apart

Our estimates are truly customized. We don’t use average area pricing or Xactimate® to create retail roof estimates. We use YOUR current price per square, actual roofing materials to be installed and any additional items that are roof specific. There isn’t another roof estimate app on the market that offers this type of customization, ease of use, delivery speed and value. Our Founder is an experienced roofer and our system was created to solve the issue of “cookie cutter” estimates not getting the job done! Non-roof items and additional notes can also be added to the estimates, allowing for maximum flexibility when bidding a roof replacement.

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For more information on our innovative INSTANT Estimates™ Roof Estimating App, read our recent blog post here or download today! 

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